MaE Deli Assistants


Deli General Manager & Assistant Manager

We are looking for an outstanding General Manager and Assistant Manager to join the MaE Deli team. If you love what we do, you can work hard and create a magical experience for every customer we want to hear from you.

Please apply using the form below and attach your CV. Previous experience is essential.

Duties & Responsibilities

Our Managers are experts in MaE Deli, our products and our guests.  They know all there is to know about running the Deli on a daily basis and how to ensure that the overall operation is running efficiently. They make sure that the MaE Deli team are happy and healthy in their roles. You will be dedicated in delivering and exceeding expectations. It is your chance to learn, grow and develop.

Salary/Hourly Rate

Competitive salary plus bonus and benefits.


  • Full time only
  • Must be eligible to work in the UK
  • Previous experience in the role required



Attach your CV:

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