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Daily Food Leftovers

Since opening the MaE Deli our team have been very aware of the waste that is produced daily. As all the food in the deli is ordered fresh every morning it is imperative that we try not to over order, as this will end up with a lot of wasted fresh food. By monitoring trade patterns, our team at the deli are able to know roughly what we sell each day, which helps keep the food as fresh as possible.

However, our predictions can’t always be perfectly right, so the food that we have left by the end of the day is given to One Big Family charity. They are a small organisation that focuses on feeding the homeless. Arriving most nights at closing time, they pick up all our leftovers and distribute them around the area.

We love doing whatever we can at MaE and giving back to the community how we can so we are also looking into another charity that cooks dinner for the homeless in the local synagogue around the corner. If you ever have any ideas of how we could help out always feel free to pop us an email!

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